Me and Sister: *Watching Supernatural and Dean comes on screen*
Sister: He's cute af
Me: I concur.
Sister: Does he have, like, a love interest in the show?
Me: ... It's kinda a long story.
Sister: Riiight.
Sister: Is it a girl?
Me: ... *smirk* Why, no, my dear sister. It's *not*.
Sister: Wait, he's gay?
Me: Well, bi.
Sister: Why, that's beautiful. Okay is it like a thing, or do you just think it is.
Me: Well, me and at least 15,000 other people think it's a thing.
Sister: Does he have in-show sexual tension with a dude?
Me: Oh God, too much. All the time. I can't even.
Sister: I'm googling this.
Me: I warned you. Whatever you see, I warned you. I'm warning you right now.
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